Download Children’s Books To Print

Many hours of fun, innovative craft activities that help you spend quality time with the kids while they develop their fine motor, reading and other skills!

Teachers, parents, grandparents: learn how the children can get a complete set of REAL turn-the-pages little story-and-colouring books directly from the Web into your home or class – within minutes.

Let the kids have quality fun with the 30-Books Fun Set:

Without setting a foot outside your home, the kids could have a brand new set of little story books on the shelf with exciting story-related pictures to colour in: a fun, innovative craft activity full of surprises.

And while they’re having fun, they will also practise their listening and reading, expand their knowledge, develop their fine motor skills and stimulate their imagination.

How does it work?

Download the set of e-books and print out the specially prepared pages. Included are easy instructions on how to quickly assemble the little colouring books. All you need: a pair of scissors, paper glue and a stapler if you have one. There’s fun from beginning to end: cutting, pasting, binding, reading, enjoying the full colour pictures, coloring in the line drawings. If the kids grow restless just print some pages and keep them happy for hours!

So what are these little books about?

The 30-Books Fun Set includes 5 fun Detective Mouse mysteries (see sample images below):

Detective Mouse and the Apple Thief
Detective Mouse and the Lost Glasses
Detective Mouse and the Party Mystery
Detective Mouse and the Valentine Rose
Detective Mouse and the Missing Car

Also included in the 30-Books Fun Set:

The fun adventures of Akiti the Giraffe from Africa (7 books)
The popular Zalien the Alien and his hovering surfboard (6 books)
There’s the Cindy stories and the Things series (6 books)
As well as the funny Alphabet set and African Animal Counting Book (6 books)

What does it cost?

The 30-Books Fun Set is now available at only R149 R99.

“What a great idea! I loved the way that the pages fitted together, and to give the kids the chance to colour the story as they go along. Great!”

Annie (UK)

“My daughter (4yrs) so enjoyed the activity of cutting, pasting and putting it all together! And now she’s colouring the pictures. She actually took the little colouring book to bed and to school the next day!”

Psychologist Dr Gerhard Schwaer (South Africa)

“I have two girls ages five and three. I thought the process of making the book was fun and simple for the girls and they had fun coloring the pictures. After reading the book once they wanted to hear the story again. I liked that the vocabulary in the book was interesting and did not have boring repetitions like some ‘early readers’ do. Thanks!”

E. Caldwell

Get your 30-Books Fun Set at only R149 R99

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